Convert vectored PDF drawings into DXF

If your PDF files were generated from an application, you can convert them to CAD objects quickly and easily with pdf2cad. If you have scanned drawings, you’ll need another solution such as TracTrix. Use these tips to figure out whether you have a vector or scanned PDF file.

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pdf2cad supports all industries

PDF is being used extensively in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing for storing and exchanging designs, schematics, floor-plans and other technical drawings. CAD engineers, CNC operators, partners and supply chain members need to be able to view, test, edit or recycle the geometry locked inside these documents.

Now, pdf2cad provides the bridge. It accurately reproduces lines, shapes and text strings in the industry-standard DXF and HPGL formats.

Create an Editable CAD files in seconds! Explore these features:

  • Convert PDF files into standard CAD interchange formats, DXF and HPGL
  • Convert one file or multiple files using the built in batch mode
  • Convert all pages or specify a page rage
  • Intelligent object recognition
  • Concatenates characters to form editable words and lines of text
  • Cropping
  • Add white space to page
  • Rotate output by any degree
  • Option to ignore text, images or paths during conversion
  • Map fonts for high fidelity file match
  • Scale page to match original dimensions of file
  • Specify minimum line width
  • Separates layers in CAD drawing based on color or other definitions
  • Dashed/dotted lines as segments
  • Saves all images as referenced file in DXF format
  • Command-line version and Windows DLL available for developers
  • Expanded support for non-standard fonts
  • Option to remove or outline hatches/fills
  • Improved reporting on errors and warnings
  • Streamlined interface for faster and easier conversions

Stop redrawing floor plans or mechanical designs from scratch. Just run them through pdf2cad!

Usage Notes:

1) Raster content in PDFs: pdf2cad is designed to convert the vector content of PDF files. Raster content in PDF files, produced from scans or raster image formats like TIFF, does not contain vector graphics. When a PDF containing raster content is processed through pdf2cad the result will be the same raster image in TIF format, called as an x-ref by the DXF file – not editable vector graphics.

2) Conversion entities: The vector types in a PDF file do not match exactly the vector types in DXF. Consequently some entities will be created using DXF line types that differ from those you would use if you were to create the file in a CAD application. You should therefore expect that some manual clean-up of the DXF may be required.

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