Electrical CAD Symbols For Visio®

Electrical CAD Symbols Electrical Engineering Made Easy. The easiest to use Microsoft® Visio® based Electrical CAD Software on the market, with maximum compatibility including AutoCAD import and export, web publishing and collaborative features.

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Electrical CAD Symbols For Visio® is designed to be used out of the box, intuitive for anyone familiar with Microsoft® Office®. Look at its features:

  • Creates Intelligent wires (nets)
  • Create custom symbols
  • Intelligent re-use of entire circuits
  • Real time cross referencing
  • Automatically counts/generates terminals.
  • Generates panel layout
  • Generates reports
  • Exports reports to Excel®
  • Creates PLC symbols/shapes
  • Creates panel layout components
  • Integrated Office® spelling checker

The Electrical CAD systems by Electra can be used for both horizontal and vertical drawings with a just a mouse click. Text and label positions are automatically changed, resulting in much faster design cycles.

If you are making your own custom symbols, Electra automatically inserts intelligence into your custom symbols to ensure they behave consistently, with automatic rotation for horizontal and vertical drawings.

Instead of having a few hundred symbols with little differences to choose from, we designed our symbols to be flexible, simple and smart. For example, our photoelectric sensor symbol can be used for 3 wire or 5 wire, terminal or plug and socket connection, all with one easy mouse click.

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