AViCAD – Most Affordable Plant Design Standalone

AViCAD offers the same exact functionality found within AutoCAD® but at a fraction of the price. When you couple AViCAD with our Mech-Q plant design utility, you’ll be able to produce both 2D and 3D CAD Mechanical drawings very quickly with minimal software investment.

Buy AViCAD 2D/3D CAD w Mech-Q

Hundreds of free tools you won’t find else where

AViCAD is CAD software just like AutoCAD® – except AViCAD does it all. AViCAD is 2D/ 3D CAD Software which includes out powerful engineering software, Architectural symbols and Google Earth integration – plus much more.

AViCAD 2020 is now available. Many new features!

For more see our Youtube Video announcement.

AViCAD not only provides you the best Engineering Solution but also offers you the best compatibility with much more expensive packages like AutoCAD®. Our software always saves your drawing to the standard DWG format. This ensures unrivaled compatibility with drawings done on AutoCAD® without any file conversion or drawing information loss.

AViCAD can export your files to older CAD versions as well. Select DWG or DXF format if you are collaborating with a user using a non-AutoCAD® system.

AViCAD also writes to AutoCAD® DWG file type using the latest 2018 version file type. This means if other CAD stations in your office working with AutoCAD® 2020, you need do nothing, as your drawing will open in their system every time.

Mech-Q is the most powerful engineering add-on for AutoCAD. With easy to use dialog and unlimited support - you can be sure it will become your favorite add-on.

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