Popular Mechanical Solution For AutoCAD & IntelliCAD

Complete Engineering CAD add-on that runs inside your CAD application. It contains a Full Engineering Suite which includes Mechanical, Piping, Ducting & Structural modules. Each can also be purchased separately.

Supports all AutoCAD versions 2004-current
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The Mech-Q Suite is a collection of CAD modules which contain:

The Mech-Q Piping Module – An easy to use full 2-D & 3-D piping package. A comprehensive range of pipe fittings, flanges and valves – Welded, flanged, threaded, PVC, Cast Iron, Duct Iron, Mechanical Joint, Sanitary,PVC, Victaulic… Other utilities include: Isometric piping, P&ID, plumbing symbols, fabricated pipe, hangers, vessels….

The Mech-Q HVAC Ducting Module – Lets you generate complex Rectangular, round and flat oval ducting layouts with surprising ease (2-D & 3-D). The software adds insulation as required and bends design is fully customizable. Auto-Label and elevations are some of the many options. Also included: Duct transitions, tees & wyes (several shape options), branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible duct, grills and other accessories, build-in & customer defined symbols…

The Mech-Q Structural Module – This package includes a full range steel shapes (AISC, BHP, CISC, DIN, BS, RSA, JIS, IS, …) 2-D & 3-D – with weighted auto-BOM, Beam-connections, stairs, ladders, bracing, hand railing, frames, beam designer and many more. Many with Auto-dimensioning to fabrication detail..

The Mech-Q Mechanical Module – This utility includes a comprehensive range of mechanical symbols, a large range of fasteners, bearings & housings, gears, material handling equipment, springs, shafts utility and many more – most available in 2-D or 3-D solids….

Mech-Q is the most powerful engineering add-on for AutoCAD. With easy to use dialog and unlimited support - you can be sure it will become your favorite add-on.

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